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Monday, November 22, 2010

News for Week Ending 11/22/2010

CoE to vote on Covenant this week

The new General Synod of the Church of England will vote on the Anglican Covenant Wednesday, November 24, 2010. (See Pittsburgh Update story here.) Should the Synod vote in favor of the Covenant, it will be sent to the dioceses for their consideration before the Covenant comes again before the Synod. Credible predictions of the outcome seem to be unavailable, but essays and counter-essays have been coming in rapid succession. The Inclusive Church/Modern Church advertisement of October 29 led to rebuttals by Andrew Goddard and Gregory Cameron. Jonathan Clatworthy answered these essays but provoked another, longer response by Goddard. Clatworthy answered that one as well. Meanwhile, various bloggers have joined the fray opposing the covenant—Jim Naughton was responsible for a particularly good essay—and some of the proponents of the Covenant have begun fighting with one another. (See, for example, the overview provided by Charles Raven.)

San Joaquin case sent back to trial court

Episcopal News Service (ENS) reported November 19, 2010, that the California 5th District Court of Appeal in Fresno reversed a lower court decision that Jerry Lamb is the proper bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin, saying that this is a church matter not subject to court jurisdiction. (See Pittsburgh Update story here.) The ruling overturned a summary judgment in favor of the diocese and was described as a “technical procedural setback” in a story on the diocese’s Web site. Michael Glass, chancellor of the diocese, suggested that the decision was a kind of “sacrifice fly-ball,” since The Episcopal Church, which the court said has the right to determine the bishop of the diocese, has determine that the bishop is indeed Jerry Lamb. More details are available in the ENS and diocesan stories. The court opinion is available here.