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Monday, July 2, 2012

News for Week Ending 7/2/2012

Nine bishops charged in connection with legal proceedings

Nine Episcopal Church bishops, both sitting and retired, have been charged in two separate instances, presumably for submitting briefs in litigation in Quincy and Fort Worth. Neither the charges nor the accusers are clear at this point. The bishops, all conservatives with close ties to the Anglican Communion Institute, disputed that The Episcopal Church is hierarchical. This legal theory, which would support the claims of breakaway groups in Fort Worth and Quincy, has been promoted by the Anglican Communion Institute, a group with no official status within the Anglican Communion.The ACI has also been critical of the revised Title IV, the recently adopted disciplinary procedures of The Episcopal Church. George Conger has written stories about the charges at Anglican Ink here and here.

General Convention meets July 5–12

The governing body of The Episcopal Church, the General Convention, convenes in Indianapolis, Indiana, on July 5, 2012, and continues through July 12. Among the important issues being considered are structural reforms in the church, liturgical resources for blessing same-sex unions, the church budget, and adoption of the Anglican Covenant. Information about the General Convention can be found on its Web site. The site includes schedules and tracks the progress of legislation. Episcopal News Service has also announced that a General Convention Media Hub will be available on the World Wide Web. A number of video streams will be available at the Media Hub.

Candidates to vie for president, vice-president of House of Deputies

Bonnie Anderson, who has served as president of the House of Deputies for six years has indicated that she will not run for re-election. The Rev. Gay Jennings and Martha Bedell Alexander are running to succeed Anderson. Pauline H.G. Getz and Sally Johnson plan to stand for vice-president, assuming a clergy person is elected president. (The president and vice-president must be from different orders.) The elections schedule can be found here.

McConnell explains sexuality discussion plans

Bishop-elect Dorsey McConnell wrote to Pittsburgh Episcopalians June 28, 2012, to explain what he plans to do assuming that the General Convention passes Resolution A049 to Authorize Liturgical Resources for Blessing Same-Gender Relationships. He intends not to authorize the blessing of same-sex unions nor to ordain any partnered homosexuals before the diocese has had a conversation about sexuality. A decision, presumably to move forward or not on these two fronts, may be made by Pentecost 2013. McConnell’s letter can be read here on the diocesan Web site.