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Monday, February 4, 2013

News for Week Ending 2/4/2013

Justin Welby now officially Archbishop of Canterbury

As we reported previously, Justin Welby was officially to become the 105th Archbishop of Canterbury in a ceremony February 4, 2013. That ceremony, at St. Paul’ Cathedral, has now taken place and has been reported by Anglican Communion News Service. The ACNS story notes that the new archbishop will perform an “act of ‘Homage’ to The Queen” and will be enthroned (consecrated) on March 21. Thinking Anglicans has links to additional text and images related to the February 4 ceremony.

CoE working group on women bishops to meet this week

A Church of England working group on women bishops will meet for facilitated discussions on February 5 and 6, 2013. The group will provide advice to the House of Bishops regarding new legislation for women bishops to be considered at the July meeting of the General Synod. The bishops will consider recommendations in a special meeting on February 7. More information is available from Thinking Anglicans.

Episcopalians accept temporary injunction in South Carolina

The temporary restraining order preventing loyal Episcopalians from using the Diocese of South Carolina name and seal was replaced with a temporary injunction January 31, 2013. (See Pittsburgh Update story here.) Representatives of the remnant diocese and of The Episcopal Church chose not to contest the restrictions of the restraining order, which they could have done in a hearing that was scheduled for February 1. What The Episcopal Church considers the real Diocese of South Carolina will continue to operate under the name “Episcopal Church in South Carolina,” possibly until the corporate and property issues occasioned by the departure of Lawrence and his followers is fully litigated. According the the Episcopal News Service story on the latest development, any party to the suit “may request a hearing on having the injunction modified or dissolved.” The temporary injunction from Circuit Court Judge Diane S. Goodstein may be read here.

Mississippi bishop maps out path to same-sex blessings

The Rt. Rev. Duncan Gray made news with two announcements at the Annual Council (convention) of the Episcopal Diocese of Mississippi. Bishop Gray called for the election of a coadjutor, declaring his intention to remain in office through February 2015. He also announced that individual parishes will be allowed to bless same-sex unions with proper preparation. He described his policy as similar to that of Bishop Doyle in the Episcopal Diocese of Texas. (See Pittsburgh Update story here.)

Episcopal Church leaders lobby for legislation

This seems to be the season for prominent Episcopalian leaders to involve themselves in important legislation. Recent news stories report