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Monday, September 30, 2013

News for Week Ending 9/30/2013

Terrorist attack will not affect GAFCON II venue

In an undated story, Anglican Ink reported that, despite the attack on Westgate Mall, GAFCON II, set for October 21–26, 2013, at All Saints Cathedral in Nairobi, will be held as planned. Additional information of GAFCON II can be found on the GAFCON Web site.

Another church selects first woman bishop

Following closely on the designation of the first female bishop of the Church of Ireland—see Pittsburgh Update story here—the Church of South India has appointed the Rev. Eggoni Pushpalalitha as its first woman bishop. The was reported September 25, 2013, by Anglican Communion News Service.

Henderson becomes sole female priest in Middle East

According to Anglican Communion News Service, the Rev. Jo Henderson was to be ordained a priest September 27, 2013, in Bahrain. She thus becomes the only female Anglican priest in the Middle East. Note that we originally reported that she was made a priest a year ago. Our report was based on an erroneous news story. She was ordained a deacon September 28, 2012. We apologize for the error.

First women elected to sit in CoE House of Bishops

On September 26, 2013, the Church of England announced  the election of three senior women clergy to sit in meetings of the House of Bishops. Five additional women will also be chosen. The inclusion of women is an interim measure pending the authorization and selection of  at least six women bishops.

Bishops conclude fall meeting

Bishops of The Episcopal Church concluded their fall meeting in Nashville, Tennessee, September 24, 2013. The bishops issued no message to the church. The official summary of the final day of the retreat is here. Daniel Martins final blog about the gathering is here. The Pittsburgh Update story on previous days of the meeting is here.

San Joaquin moves to elect third provisional bishop

Episcopal News Service reported September 27, 2013, that the Standing Committee of the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin has chosen Bishop David Rice of the Diocese of Waiapu in the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia to stand for election as the recovering diocese’s third provisional bishop. Although Rice is an American, the road to becoming a bishop in The Episcopal Church is complicated by the fact that he is not now a member of the church. His formal election is expected to take place at a special election March 29, 2014.

Appeal filed in Quincy case

Episcopal News Service published a letter from Bishop of Chicago Jeffrey D. Lee September 27, 2013, indicating that the diocese filed a motion to stay the judgement of the court decision in the Quincy case, which found for the departing faction, pending an appeal by the Episcopalians. (See Pittsburgh Update story here.)

Integrity Pittsburgh adopts mission statement

At its September 22, 2013, meeting, the Pittsburgh chapter of Integrity USA adopted a statement of Mission and Purpose. The statement concludes
We are disappointed and frustrated that GLBT Christians still cannot feel safe or welcome in the diocese. We are concerned about the fact that congregations in search, and individuals in seminary, diaconate, or in discernment are in limbo. We want our voices be heard in the diocesan conversation at all levels, and help facilitate the dialogue so it is healing rather than divisive or destructive.