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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Week ending 6/13/16

The editor apologizes for the delay in getting out this week's Update, but she has been riding the bike trail from Pittsburgh to Washington D.C.

Orlando Shooting Elicits Numerous Statements From Church Leaders

The Archbishops of Canterbury and York have issued a statement on the Orlando shooting, along with a number of American Church leaders.  The Thinking Anglicans web site provides a convenient set of links to them all, including the statement Presiding Bishop Michael Curry.

Epected Pushback Emerges on Scottish Episcopal Church Vote

Pittsburgh Update reported several weeks ago on expected changes by the Scottish Episcopal Church to change its canon on marriage to be inclusive of same sex couples and that it had already begun allowing blessings of civil marriages.  The Scottish Episcopal Church General Synod overwhelmingly passed the first reading of canon changes June 10, 2016.  Before the action is final, the synod will need to pass in 2017 by a two-thirds majority.  In between each Diocesan Synod is to hold a discussion on the measure.  Nonetheless, the usual voices are already acting as if it is complete. The Archibshiop of Canterbury has responded by informing the Scottish Primate he will be removed as leader of the World Anglican - Reformed Dialog.  from  A faction within the Scottish church called the Scottish Anglican Network has issued a statement suggesting they may follow a path pioneered by American dissidents, and the leadership of GAFCON has denounced the Scottish church as no longer Christian. GAFCON has offered "alternative episcopal oversight."

The Pope Upgrades Mary Magadalene

While Episcopalians have long commemorated the Feast Day of Mary Magdalene, the Roman Catholics just listed her in their secondary "memorials."  Now Pope Francis has announced that the church should observe her date as a feast of the church.  The official announcement focuses on her role in telling the apostles of the resurrection, her role as a  evangelist, and as a role model for women in the church.

Latvian Lutherans Downgrade Women

In a vote that has elicited horrifed responses from the rest of the European Lutheran Community, the Latvian Lutheran Synod voted to end ordination of women as priests.
Those women already ordained will be allowed to continue in the ministry.  Women were ordained priests beginning in 1975.  There have been no ordinations of women since 1993 when a conservative archbishop assumed control.  This makes the Latvian Church one of about 30 world-wide Lutheran bodies out of 145 that only ordain men.

Executive Council Summary

The Episcopal News Network has issued a summary of actions taken at the recent Executive Council Meeting.  Support for historically black colleges of the Episcopal Church and for initiatives among indiginous peoples  was high on their agenda. They also announced a number of other moves to support mission.  The rebuilding diocese of Fort Worth got a $107,500 grant for rebuilding and church planting in 2016, and $55,000 for each of 2017 and 2018.