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Monday, August 1, 2016

Week Ending 8/1/16

Belfast Anglican Cathedral Adds Roman Catholic Canon

The Northern Ireland city of Belfast was a center of strife between Catholics and Protestants for years.  Now St. Anne's Cathedral in Belfast has appointed a Roman Catholic priest as one of three ecumenical canons permitted by its charter.  The ecumenical canons are allowed to say Morning or Evening Prayer, the litany, and to serve as a reader.  The man appointed, the Very Rev Edward O’Donnell, has 40 years of service as a Roman Catholic priest and is currently serving as a parish priest in the Roman Catholic diocese.

Oregon Parish Plans Tiny House Village for Homeless

The Church of the Resurrection in Eugene, Oregon has been active in ministry to the homeless for a number of years.  For the last three years it has used part of its parking lot as a site for a cluster of Quonset huts 6 ' x 9' providing basic, shelter (without utilities) for the homeless.  Now it has announced a plan to replace these with a cluster of "tiny houses" that are slightly bigger (12' x 8'),  taller, and complete with utilities.  They are seen as transitional housing and the formerly homeless residing there will have access to services and a mentor to help them make steps towards permanent housing.  Resurrection is not alone among churches in looking at transitional housing in Eugene, but this will be the largest and most permanent set of structures.  Each tiny house will cost between $5000 and $10,000, and the parish is working with the local high school and a community college to have classes fund and build the units.