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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Week Ending 11/7/16

Over 500 Clergy Come to Standing Rock

The invitation issued by the rector of St. James Episcopal in Cannon Ball for clergy to offer a witness on November 3-4 at the camp of those trying to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline was accepted by more than 500 clergy from a wide variety of faith traditions. (see Update story)  They descended on the water protectors'  camp for a demonstration including copies of the Doctrine of Discovery, a procession to the boundary of the land where the pipeline is being built, and a large Niobrara Circle of Life.  For more personal accounts see this Episcopal Priest's account, and Episcopal Service Corps member's account,  and this from a Unitarian-Universalist minister.  The Anglican Church of Canada sent a deputation.  Many others registered their "virtual" attendance via Facebook in support of the gathering.

Ranks of Women Bishops Grows

Fast on the heels of the announcement that the Diocese of Indianapolis had elected Jennifer Baskerville-Burrows as the successor to Bishop Catherine Waynick, came an announcement of the from the Church in Wales that the Diocese of St. David's had elected Canon Joanna Penberthy as bishop.  She will be the first woman to serve as a bishop in Wales. The Church in Wales changed its governing documents to allow women to hold the office of bishop in 2013.

New Zealand Church Appoints Group on Same-Sex Marriage

The recent proposals on same-sex marriage create divisions within the Church in New Zealand.  The Church's Synod voted to delay making a decision on the matter until it meets again two years from now.  The Synod asked for a special working group to be formed to set parameters for the discussion and suggest a way forward for the church.  That group has now been appointed and has been asked to come forward with a report within a year.  The New Zealand Church has a unique governance with three equal strands representing different ethnic traditions and each with its own archbishop.

Episcopal School Back in the News over Sex-Abuse Reporting

St. Andrews School in Boca Raton, Florida is ask in the news as a trial begins to determine whether they retaliated against a faculty member who was whistle-blowing continuing sexual abuse.  The teacher was placed on leave in spring 2016 immediately upon reporting new instances of sexual impropriety and then following up as to it was not being reported to the proper governmental authorities.  Once on leave, the school stopped communicating with him, so he resigned and filed suit.  In 2015 the head of the school had been forced to resign when charges surfaced about possible sexual improprieties.  The school hired outside law firms to investigate the matter.

Lutheran and Episcopal Heads of Churches Author Advent Devotions

The primates of  the Anglican Church of Canada and The Episcopal Church held their annual meeting with the heads of the corresponding Lutheran bodies.  The four churches are in full communion with each other and use the annual meetings to look for ways they can make that communion more meaningful.  This year the four have collaborated on a set of Advent readings.  The two head Lutheran bishops,  Anglican Archbishop Hiltz of Canada, and Presiding Bishop Michael Curry each wrote a devotion.  The readings are available on-line, as is a joint letter issued by the four leaders.