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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Week Ending 06/04/18

Another Anglican Province Makes Statement on Same Sex Marriage

The Episcopal Anglican Church in Brazil, is the latest Province in the Anglican Communion to make a statement on same-sex marriage.  Theirs was a nearly unanimous vote to approve canonical changes that will permit same-sex marriage.  The liturgy for marriage is already worded in a way that requires no changes.  They join the Episcopal Church and the Scottish Episcopal Church in permitting such services.  New Zealand has approved blessing of same-sex civil marriages.  Canada has taken the first of two required votes on a resolution that would permit same-sex marriage.  Australian bishops recently issued a statement saying there was a moratorium on blessings, but three clergy recently participated in a ceremony held for two parishioners in a welcoming Baptist congregation.  The Bishop of Melbourne has announced that the recent action of three clergy at the wedding of two of their parishioners in another church did not violate the moratorium.  It suggests a way that Australians will work around the moratorium.

Haiti Elects New Bishop

The Diocese of Haiti, part of The Episcopal Church, has elected the Ven. Joseph Kerwin Delicat, dean of the cathedral, as their new bishop to follow Bishop Duracin, who long term as bishop ended in controversy  and division between the bishop and suffragan bishop.  The Episcopal Church stepped in to negotiate an agreement requiring Duracin's retirement and the resignation of the suffragan.  Delicat was elected in a run off election held after the first attempt to elect a bishop ended without a firm choice. There is more on the first election here.   He faces a difficult task in reuniting the diocese, given that even his election was controversial.  As is the case for all episcopal elections in the Episcopal Church, the choice will not be final until approved by a majority of Standing Committees and Diocesan Bishops in the Episcopal Church.

Massachusetts Bishops Join in Climate Change Statement

All the bishops from the Dioceses of Massachusetts and Western Massachusetts joined in issuing an appeal by a new colaition of religious leaders in Massachusetts.  The  Faith and Science Joint Appeal for Climate Action has been signed by more than 500 religious leaders.  The coalition is working with scientists in addressing the impact of climate change. 

Plans for Center for Reconciliation Shelved in Virginia

A year ago Truro Parish, part of ACNA, and the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia announced an innovative agreement that included lease arrangements allowing Truro to continue to use the facility that the courts had returned to the Episcopal Diocese and a joint center to be developed on Peace and Reconciliation.  That announcement did not set well with ACNA leadership, and after a year of talks, the ACNA bishop, John Guernsey has announced that the lease has been renegotiated and plans for a joint center have ceased.  Truro will continue some aspects of that ministry through existing ministry.

Parish Takes Central Role in Maryland Flood Relief

Two years ago, St. Peter's Episcopal Church Ellicott City, Maryland found itself helping in flood relief after flooding ravaged their town.  Ellicott City was hit again this last month and St. Peter's sprang into action, taking a leading role in relief.  The Episcopal News Service has a good report on the efforts.

Follow-Ups to Recent Stories

The Presiding Bishop's celebrity status following the royal wedding has continued to attract attention, including a blessing of the final contestants on one of Britain's main television talent contests.  He also continues to draw commentary on his social activist role.  Religion News has an interesting commentary here.

The Update reported recently that the American Baptist leader and seminary president had been forced to resign, but was given a "soft" landing with perks following pressure from women upset by his tolerance of domestic abuse.  That situation has now changed, and following reports that he had tried to cover-up rape charges brought against someone at the seminary, the Rev. Paige Patterson has been fired and all perks revoked.  He is still scheduled to give a major address at the denominational annual meeting,  but even that is in question