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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Week Ending 5/27/19

On a week ending on the United State's Memorial Day, it is fitting that there are no new news stories to report and only three continuing stories. It gives us all more time to remember appropriately those who have died in the service of our country. 

Continuing Stories

Anglican Center in Rome Has New Director

The Anglican Center in Rome was thrown into upheaval late last year when its director was forced to resign under charge of sexual misconduct, and then conservatives were upset by the choice of an Australian as interim head and the selection of a liberal Irish bishop as head of the center's board.  The new head of the center has now been announced and seems acceptable to all.  Archbishop Ian Ernest of Mauritius has a long history of working well with the Roman Catholics in Mauritius and elsewhere.  Bishop of Mauritius and former Primate of the Anglican Church of the Indian Ocean, Ernest will assume his duties in Rome late in 2019.

Episcopal Church in South Carolina Updates FAQ 

The Episcopal Church in South Carolina has updated its "Frequently Asked Questions" several times since originally posting it.  The handout answers questions about the diocese, with special attention to parishes affected by the lawsuit arising out of the schism led by former bishop, Mark Lawrence.  The latest version marks the growing realization of members of the 29 congregations that will be returned to the Episcopal Church once the state supreme court decision is implemented.  At least some members in the various parishes are organizing and identifying leaders willing to participate in the Episcopal Church.  the diocese is very clear that they will not sell church sites to the groups participating in the Lawrence organization.  The FAQ is worth a read for anyone wishing to understand what is going on there. 

ACNA Loses Two Dioceses as CANA Divides as Expected 

Update reported several weeks ago that an agreement between ACNA and the Nigerian-sponsored CANA would lead to a split in CANA.  The three dioceses had been part of both ACNA and CANA, but a unilateral action by Nigeria to appoint 4 bishops to a diocese in CANA without consultation and approval of ACNA had strained relations. As expected, the eastern diocese has chosen to remain a part of ACNA and withdraw from CANA.  The other two dioceses affected, one headquartered in Texas and the other in Indianapolis have chosen to remain in CANA and withdraw from ACNA. While all three dioceses will continue to have "special" relationships with the organization they have left, ACNA should no longer include these dioceses in their membership statistics.