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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Week Ending 11/25/19

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Missouri Elects New Bishop

The Diocese of Missouri elected the Rev. Deon K. Johnson as their next bishop on the first ballot.  While his enthusiasm, faith, and experience in growing multicultural congregations made him the diocesan convention choice, his election will further complicate invitations to the 2020 Lambeth Conference. Johnson is an out gay man who is married to another man.  They are raising two children. He also is a native of Barbados, of African descent, and his spouse is originally from Mexico.  Johnson's election continues the trend of the last year and a half of diocesan elections that broaden the diversity of the Episcopal House of Bishops. The Episcopal News Service acknowledged Johnson's husband, but made no other mention of the bishop elect's LGBTQA status, appropriately focusing on his ministries.  The local St. Louis Today on-line newspaper printed a positive story which put Johnson's identity front and center.  The Living Church also put Johnson's identity in the headline.

English Interdenominational Council Blocks Member in Same Sex Marriage

 The interdenominational group, Churches Together in England has six clusters of denominations each of which selects a President to serve a 4 year term. The 6 are the executive  body for the group.  It was the Quakers' turn in the 4th group to select a president.  They chose a young activist woman, Hannah Brock Womack.  However, when the CTE members in other groups realized Womack was married to another woman, the larger group asked that she refrain from exercising any of her duties because her of her marriage.  Thinking Anglicans has the whole story.

Renewal Stalls for Agency Defending Religious Freedom Worldwide  

 The independent agency created and funded by Congress to monitor and advocate for religious freedom worldwide is about to run out of funding.  A bi-partisan bill which provide a new 4 year cycle of funding, however has stalled because the bill restructured the commission and broadened its charge. A prominent commissioner has resigned in protest.
Religion News has the story.

Continuing Stories

GAFCON Ireland Responds to Clergy Letter

 Last week Update noted that a number of prominent clergy of the Anglican Church of Ireland were urging the Irish Bishops to not approve the election of a new bishop because of his GAFCON ties.  Not surprisingly, GAFCON Ireland has issued a response.

Struggle for Control of Church College Continues in Pakistan

The struggle between the Anglican Church in Pakistan and the Pakistani government for control of Edwards College continues despite a high court ruling in favor of the Church in May 2019.  The government is trying secularize and run all private colleges.  The givernment is continuing to insist that it is in control of the facility.  The Anglican Communion News has all the details.