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Thursday, March 31, 2022

Week Ending 03/27/22

All Stories are updates on continuing themes. 

Diocese Using Land to Address Housing Shortage

Update has carried notices a number of times on parishes that are addressing affordable housing shortages in their communities. (The most recent is here.) Our latest report, however is about a diocesan effort.  The Diocese of California is  going to develop a 9 acre plot of land it owns in a way that will create a mix of housing, rented and purchased and continue an organic farming effort that also helps feed the hungry and the community that will be developed around it.  You can read more on this effort here.

U.N. Women's Meeting has U.S. Members Learning From Others

Once again the Episcopal Church has a deputation attending the annual United Nations Conference on Women.  In additional to the official deputation, the Episcopal Church has another attendee because the Rev. Rachel Taber-Hamilton of Everett, Washington is a member of the an official Anglican Communion deputation.  The focus at this year's meeting is environmental and climate related issues and their impact on women.  Update has covered the conference each year.  The notice on the 2021 Conference is here. The meetings are being held virtually on-line.

Bishops Speak Out on Current  Issues

At the meeting of the House of Bishops last week, the Bishops prepared statements on several hot topics.  This was the first in-person meeting since the pandemic.  Meeting at Camp Allen in Texas the bishops issued a strong statement against recent state legislation and other actions aimed at the Transgender community.  The Texas governor was one of those who had issued policy directives that would adversely affect many transgender children and their parents. They issued a statement condemning the invasion of the Ukraine by Russia and the indiscriminate attacks on civilians that is a part of that invasion.  The measure also called for praying for peace  and for the many refugees from the conflict.  Update has carried earlier statements by church officials on the Ukraine, and by Church leaders on some of the most harmful actions against transgendered people.  

The editor apologizes for the latest of this posting, but teaching commitments overwhelmed the first part of the week.