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Monday, July 4, 2011

News for Week Ending 7/4/2011

English bishops to review homosexuality issues

In a statement released July 1, 2011, the House of Bishops of the Church of England announced two initiatives dealing with homosexuality. The bishops last made a statement about homosexual clergy in 2005 in response to civil partnerships being approved in the U.K. A review scheduled to be completed in 2012 will review the 2005 statement and consider, specifically, whether clergy in civil partnerships should be considered as candidates for bishop. Pending that review, such persons will not be eligible for appointment to episcopal posts. A broader re-evaluation of homosexuality is to be completed by 2013.

Jonathan Wynne-Jones of The Telegraph reported July 2 that conservatives have threatened schism if the review liberalizes the church’s attitude toward homosexuality.

Pittsburgh to restart parishes

The Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh has announced that three parishes will be restarted. The Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh congregation has left St. James, Penn Hills, and the first Episcopal service since the diocese split in 2008 was held there July 3, 2011. St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Barnesboro, which has been shuttered since 2004 will begin offering services on July 17. Episcopal services will also begin at St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church, Warrendale, soon. Details are available from the diocese here. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette did a story on St. James June 30.