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Monday, January 9, 2012

News for Week Ending 1/9/2012

Orombi to Retire

Archbishop Henry Luke Orombi, primate of the Church of Uganda, has announced his retirement. A new primate will be elected in June and enthroned in December. Orombi would have reached the mandatory retirement age in January 2014. Orombi was a prominent supporter of deposed bishop Robert Duncan and had made a number of visits to Pittsburgh. New Vision covered the story here.

Texas Supreme Court to hear Fort Worth case

According to the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth, the Texas Supreme Court has agreed to consider the direct appeal of the breakaway Fort Worth diocese to last year’s partial summary judgment in favor of the Episcopal diocese in the Fort Worth property case. The press release from the breakaway diocese can be read here.

Two properties returned to Episcopal diocese

The properties of St. Martin’s, Monroeville, and Good Samaritan, Liberty Boro, were returned to the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh at the beginning of January. The congregations, members of the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh, found other venues for worship. The transfer was announced by the Anglican diocese; the Episcopal diocese has not yet commented on the transfer, which returned properties whose deeds are held by the Episcopal diocese’s Board of Trustees.