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Monday, May 20, 2013

News for Week Ending 5/20/2013

Same-sex marriage now French law

Last month, a same-sex marriage bill was passed in France. (See Pittsburgh Update story here.) The measure was controversial, however, and could not become law before the Constitutional Council rejected a challenge to it. The Guardian reported May 18, 2012, that that has now happened and French President François Hollande has made the law official. The first same-sex marriages will be held later this month in what is the 14th country to provide for such arrangements.

TREC invites conversation

The Task Force for Reimagining the Episcopal Church (TREC) is committed to soliciting ideas from Episcopalians regarding changes needed in the church. Episcopal News Service reported May 15, 2013, that TREC is going to be using its Web site and social media sites to conduct a dialogue with Episcopalians regarding the future of the church.

Quincy man elected to board of Diocese of Chicago charity

As a step toward uniting the dioceses of Quincy and Chicago—see Pittsburgh Update story here—a member of Peoria’s Cathedral Church of St. Paul has been elected by the Diocese of Quincy to serve on the Board of Trustees of Episcopal Charities and Community Service of the Diocese of Chicago. Tom Hunt will serve on the charity’s board, and a second representative of the Diocese of Quincy will be selected to do so next month. An undated announcement of the election was posted on the diocesan news page of the Quincy diocese.

Same-sex marriage becomes legal in Minnesota

As expected, Minnesota governor Mark Dayton signed a bill May 14, 2013, allowing for same-sex marriage in Minnesota. (See Pittsburgh Update story here.) Details can be read in an MSNBC story here. The law becomes effective August 1. Bishop of Minnesota Brian Prior has indicated that some congregations will proceed with solemnizing same-sex marriages and some will not, and everyone must be tolerant of the latter. Episcopal News Service wrote about Prior’s position here.

Falls Church saga continues

Despite the Virginia Supreme Court decision awarding all of the real and most of the personal property of The Falls Church to the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia—see Pittsburgh Update story here—litigation in the case is not over. On May 16, 2013, The Christian Post reported that The Falls Church Anglican intended to petition the Supreme Court for a rehearing. Episcopal News Service published a story May 15 on The Falls Church Episcopal, which noted that a petition for a rehearing had to be filed by May 20. The Episcopal Diocese of Virginia has now reported that The Falls Church Anglican did indeed submit its petition for a rehearing before the court May 17. That petition, which attacks the constructive trust argument that played a critical role in the court’s decision but which had not been advanced earlier, can be read here. VirtueOnline has reproduced the story from The Christian Post, along with a brief letter from the vestry and wardens of The Falls Church Anglican.

Dallas bishop to retire

Bishop of Dallas James Stanton has announced that he will retire in 2014. Although Stanton has not threatened to leave The Episcopal Church, he has been associated with organizations, such as the American Anglican Council, critical of The Episcopal Church. His retirement was announced on his diocese’s Web site. The site also carries a brief statement from the Standing Committee. Episcopal News Service published a story on Stanton’s announcement here. An interview of Bishop Stanton is available on the diocesan Web site here.