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Monday, March 7, 2016

Week Ending 3/7/16

Two Studies Shed Light on Religion's Impact on Politics

Two centers that do serious polling and other social research studies on the role of religion issued reports this last week that shed light on the role of religion in the current election.  The PEW research center published a survey showing the the distribution of various religious traditions by state (including non-religious) among Republicans and Democrats.  Pairing this information with the outcomes of recent primaries is thought provoking.  The two parties also have different (but complex) religious profiles.  The Barna Group has published a study showing that religion has an increasingly bad reputation among Americans, and the number of Americans who equate all religion with extremism is growing. 

Sudanese Diocese Ends Relationship with Diocese of Indianapolis

The Diocese of Bor in South Sudan has formally ended its fourteen-year-old partnership with the Diocese of Indianapolis.  The notification of the end of the relationship was sent to Bishop Catherine Waynick because the House of Bishops of Sudan and South Sudan voted in December 2015 that Dioceses could not have formal partnerships with any other diocese where blessing of same sex couples occurs.  In her announcement of this to the diocese, Bishop Waynick noted that although the ending of the formal partnership meant that parishes were not obligated to pray each week for Bor, that she hoped many would continue to include them in their personal prayers.  

Easter Service Restored at Dublin Cathedral

Pittsburgh Update reported last month that government authorities had barred Easter services at Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin and six other Church of Ireland churches in Dublin because of security concerns related to the events scheduled for that day in remembrance of the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising.  After much negotiations, church authorities announced that Christ Church Cathedral will be allowed to hold a said Easter service at 10:00 a.m. on Easter Day and a special bi-lingual prayer service tied the parade scheduled for that morning.  Parishioners will have to meet at a remote location and be bussed in to the cathedral.  The other churches will remain closed.

List of Nominees Announced for Successor to Duncan as Pittsburgh's ACNA Bishop

The ACNA Diocese of Pittsburgh Standing Committee announced Monday, March 7, the list of nominees from which that diocese will select a successor to Robert Duncan on April 22.  There are eight candidates.  The list will sound familiar to Pittsburghers.  Only one does not have direct ties to Pittsburgh.