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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Week Ending 11/21/16

Responses To GAFCON's Report and List Begin

The statement criticizing the parts of the Anglican Communion that support LGBT clergy  and listing of gay clergy (see Update here)  has now provoked response. The Bishop of Salisbury accused GAFCON of being unchristian in his response.  The Church of England issued a long press release that made the point that the 1998 statement known as Lambeth 1.10 was not a piece of legislation and was not binding on any part of the Communion. Activists created a web site where people could list themselves as "proud violators" of Lambeth 1.10, add new examples or register their moral support for clergy and churches.

Bishop Bruno Urged to Not Preside at Upcoming Diocesan Convention

The controversy between Bishop Jon Bruno of Los Angeles and members of the displaced congregation of St. James the Great in Newport Beach took another twist this week. After Bruno announced the sale of the St. James property and locked out its congregation and priest, members of the congregation and friends filed a presentment against the Bishop.  The disciplinary process of the Episcopal Church has ordered a full hearing (trial) in March and refused Bruno's motion to dismiss all charges. (See Update here.)  Now the rector of St. Bede's Parish in Redondo Beach, James Newman, has issued a letter pointing out that canons of the diocese require ANY lay or clergy person to be denied a seat and vote at the diocesan convention if they are in a disciplinary process.  He argues that Episcopal Church canons define who is "in process" in a way that Bruno is included. Newman is a canon of the diocese and previously had worked closely with Bruno, but was an early critic of Bruno's actions at St. James.  The letter is available here.

San Joaquin Celebrates Return of Its Cathedral

More than eight years ago Episcopalians in the Diocese of San Joaquin lost control of their cathedral when the cathedral's congregation and leadership announced they had left the Episcopal Church. In July 2016 litigation over diocesan property came to a close when the state supreme court refused to review a decision granting that property, including the Cathedral Church of St. James, to those who stayed in the Episcopal Church.  (See Update here.)  Since then there has been a quiet process of transition as those who left the church relinquished control of property.  The Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin has invited members of the diocese to celebrate the return of the Cathedral with a service of Evensong on November 27.

Diocese of Missouri Makes Statement Supporting Increase in Minimum Wage

At its recent diocesan convention on November 18, the Diocese of Missouri passed a resolution supporting an increase in the minimum wage in the state to $15 per hour.  Following convention, the diocese issued a press release that announced it was the church's call to stand with those who were poor or needy.

More on the Sanctuary Movement

Last week the Update carried a story on call for churches to offer sanctuary to those immigrants threaten with deportation.  This week the Episcopal Cafe carried a story on the more than 400 churches, many of them Episcopal congregations, who have declared they are sanctuary sites.  The growth in interest is in response to announced plans of the president-elect to aggressively deport undocumented immigrants.