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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Week Ending 02/20/17

Standing Rock Faces New Deadline

Officials have give water protectors at Standing Rock until today to leave camps because melting snow has caused flood conditions.The Episcopal News Service carried a story about the tribe's efforts to clean up and evacuate the camps, but the internet was carrying a plea from women at the camp for more volunteers to arrive because they were not leaving and militarized law enforcement had them surrounded. The most recent Update story is here.

Maryland Parish Increases Commitment to Immigrants

The Maryland parish whose signs were defaced by vandals the day after the election has redoubled its efforts with immigrants.  The parish's sign for its popular Spanish language service had drawn the attention of the white supremist vandals, but this 380 member parish with members from over 50 countries has responded by additional outreach to immigrants and is considering declaring itself a sanctuary site. The latest Episcopal Church to declare sanctuary status is in Buffalo, NY.

Americans Hold Double Standard on Religious Violence

A new survey show that Americans are much more willing to believe that violence claimed to be done for religious reasons is a correct interpretation of that religion when that violence is done by Muslims than when it is done by Christians.   There are some differences by political part and church membership  You can find the survey here.

Church of England Synod Fallout

It is becoming increasingly clear that what the clergy and laity at the just concluded Church of England Synod did by rejecting the bishop's report on marriage of same sex couples was to say "stop stalling and do something."  News sources carried links to stories of the response of the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, statements by individual bishops looking for an approved form for blessing civil marriages, and news commentary.

Officials and Church Still at Odds on Rebuilding Cathedral

Six years after the devastating Christ Church earthquake, the Anglican Cathedral still sits a crumbling ruin, unsafe to enter.  People worship meanwhile in a temporary "cardboard cathedral" on another site.  The situation does not seem likely to change soon because government and church cannot agree on demolition or rebuilding despite grants to proceed. The previous update story is here.