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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Week Ending 7/17/17

New Hampshire Launches Criminal Investigation at St. Paul's School

Last week the Update reported on the latest sexual misconduct investigation at St. Paul's School. Officials at St. Paul's had begun a disciplinary investigation into a story about new allegations of seniors engaging in an end of the year sexual contest.  The school now finds itself under investigation by the New Hampshire District Attorney's office.  The investigation will focus on whether the school has been guilty of child endangerment or obstruction of justice. School officials say they will cooperate with investigators.

Bishop Bruno Wins One in Secular Courts

Bishop Jon Bruno still awaits the finding of the church Hearing Panel on charges of conduct unbecoming a bishop or priest that sprang out of his efforts to sell the property of St. James the Great in Newport Beach. As reported earlier, news that he had negotiated a new sales agreement for the the property while the panel was deliberating resulted in action by the Hearing Panel, Presiding Bishop, and Disciplinary Board for Bishops all restricting him completing or signing any sales agreement.  Meanwhile he has won a round in secular courts. The California Superior Court confirmed Bruno's position that deed restrictions placed on the property by the original donor had been removed.  These restrictions had required the property to be used for a church.  Thus while the courts say the property can be used for something other than a church, the Episcopal Church has forbidden him to complete any sale until the Hearing Panel decides whether he needs to restore the property to the congregation as part of a restitution and reconciliation process. 

New Reference Tools on Anglicanism

Oxford has launched two new reference tools that will interest Episcopalians. The Oxford History of Anglicanism is a five volume print study with a different editor for each volume and each chapter within the volume written by a different scholar. This study is focused globally with North America the focus for no more than one chapter each in volumes II-IV.  The volumes will appear, not necessarily in chronological order between October and February.    Another new tool, and on-line research encyclopedia of American History is also being prepared by Oxford.  A long essay (78 pages) on Anglicans and Episcopalians in North America is forthcoming in this new tool under its religious history subheading.  The current editor of update.pittsburghepiscopal.org is the author of the article on Episcopalians.