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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Week Ending 12/25/17

Merry Christmas to you all! 

The editor took  Christmas off, and so Update is a day late in appearing.  Luckily the news is light and mostly related to Christmas.

Well-Traveled Clergy

The Episcopal News Service had a story on the miles that mission priests travel in South Dakota to provide services on Indian reservations.  The 4th Sunday of Advent/ Christmas Eve conjunction this year was enough to exhaust many a clergy person or church-goer, but the schedule for these missionaries was a true marathon.  Similar tales could be told by mission clergy in the North Dakota missions and in other rural areas, but the experiences of those in South Dakota are what was the focus. Read about it here.  Then there are the clergy who have headed to Puerto Rico as part of an advance team to set up mission trips for rebuilding lives on that hurricane-ravaged island. The Diocese of Maryland is already operating two relief centers on the island.  If you are still having any  doubts about the need for stamina among clergy, then the travels of Pittsburgh's Bishop McConnell will convince you.  He went to China and back in less than a week with a whirlwind of official visits squeezed into a two day stay.  You can read about the reason for the trip and his visit in this piece.

Caroling Christians Arrested in India

A group of five from a Christian seminary (two clergy and three students) singing Christmas Carols were arrested in an Indian state with some of the  most stringent anti-conversion laws in India.  Complaints against the group for trying to convert people were filed against the group by Hindus and a mob later burned their car.  Eight other clergy who went to try to help the original group were also arrested. The laws are being used by strict Hindus to persecute and harass minority religions and prevent anyone from leaving the Hindu religion. 

Presiding Bishop Curry's Christmas Message "Make Music in the Heart of the World"

The Presiding Bishop's Christmas message encourages us all to be reconcilers, to work for justice and peace. " God is showing us in Jesus how to become God’s family and how to change, and build, and make a world where everybody is a part of that family. Where children don’t go to bed hungry. Where no one has to be lonely. Where justice is real for all and where love is the ultimate law."  No commentary is needed.  Merry Christmas to you all.