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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Week Ending 8/20/2018

Schismatic Bishop to Retire

Jack Iker, the bishop of the schismatic group in Fort Worth, has asked for the election of a bishop coadjutor because he wants to retire in 2019.  Iker's time in Fort Worth has been marked by controversy.  Opposed to women's ordination, Iker was one of the last holdouts among Episcopal diocesans, and after he was removed from the Episcopal Church ministry for abandonment of the communion, Iker  unsuccessfully agitated within ACNA to end the policy allowing each diocese to make its own decision on women's ordination. Because Iker retained control of the property of the Episcopal Church when he left, he has been embroiled in litigation for the last decade. The most recent decision favors the Episcopalians, but Iker has appealed that to the Texas Supreme Court.  He may be returing just ahead of his diocese losing access to most financial assets.

New Hampshire Episcopalians to Walk 40 Miles for Immigrants

New Hampshire Episcopalians are participating in a 4 day 40 mile walk from Manchester to Dover to show solidarity with immigrants who are processed in Manchester and then detained in Dover.  The pilgrimage is sponsored by the New Hampshire Council of Churches.  The current president of the Council is an Episcopal priest.

All Candidates for Kansas Diocesan Are Women

The three final candidates for Diocesan bishop of Kansas are all women.  Since the nomination process is closed, the Episcopal Church will soon have another woman diocesan.  An all female  slate has occurred only once before and that was for a suffragan bishop.

The editor apologizes for the lateness of the update.  A family vacation this week created conflicts and limited internet.