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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Week Ending 12/10/18

Bush Funeral Showcases Episcopal Rites

This last week, the Cathedral Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, more frequently referred to as the Washington National Cathedral, was the site of the national funeral for former President George H.W. Bush.  Bush was a lifelong Episcopalian.  A full complement of Episcopal leaders took place, including Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, Bishop Marion Budde of the Diocese of Washington, the cathedral dean, and the rector of Bush's parish in Texas.  The "national" service was followed the next day by a service for Bush in the Houston parish. Episcopal News Service provides all the details.

San Joaquin Celebrates First Ordinations in Reclaimed Cathedral

One of the many signs of healing following schism in the Diocese of San Joaquin occurred this last week when the Episcopal Diocese welcomed a new dean and celebrated the ordination of four deacons in the diocesan cathedral.  The building was one of the many that were returned to Episcopalians at the conclusion of legal action.  The cathedral is now in the process of reinventing its ministries.  The Episcopal News Service has a more detailed story on the ordination and the cathedral ministries here.

ACNA Offices in Pittsburgh Move

The ACNA Diocese of Pittsburgh has left the offices they occupied in the former Allegheny Center Mall (now Nova Place) since 2009.  Their new location is still in the Allegheny Center area, but now occupying space in one of the Roman Catholic church complexes that have become parts of merged parishes.  Their new location is in Our Lady Queen of Peace on Middle Street. 

Latest on Ongoing Stories

Another Albany Parish Makes Statement

Christ Church in Hudson, New York has now issued a statement stating their disagreement with Bishop Love's decree that no parish in the Albany Diocese could use the fully authorized rites for same sex marriages. They thus join churches in Schenectady and Albany in opposing Bishop Love's stand.  The Christ Church statement was voted by the vestry and wardens and affirms the parish as a welcoming place for LGBTQ people. They published it on the parish Facebook pages which are open to the public. The statement does not, however, say they will defy the bishop's order. 

SC Episcopalians Ask Federal Judge for Summary Judgement

Episcopalians in South Carolina are still entangled in 3 separate legal fronts despite the  South Carolina Supreme Court decision  awarding property to them.  One of the suits is a trademark case being pursued in federal court. The Episcopal Church and South Carolina Episcopalians filed motions and memorandums this last week asking the federal judge to issue a summary judgement in favor of the Episcopalians.  The argument boils down to this: deciding who is a member and what bodies belong to the Episcopal Church is a first amendment right reserved to the Churches.  The courts must defer to the judgement of the Church.  You can read the announcement of the filing here, the Episcopal Church's argument here, and the documents filed by the South Carolina Episcopalians here.  The break-away group continues to drag its heels and resist the decisions already reached.  In fact one ACNA priest has said he would prefer God to tear down the historic St. Philips in Charleston rather than let it fall into the hands of the Episcopal Church. 

Consecration Delayed for Haitian Bishop

Diocesan Bishops are lagging in their responses to the election of a Haitian Bishop, so Presiding bishop Michael Curry has delayed the consecration.  The Presiding Bishop's announcement serves as a reminder to bishops with "Jurisdicition" that have only until January 3, 2019 to send in approvals.  Given that the announcement made no mention of approvals from Standing Committees, the Presiding Bishop must have the required approvals from diocesan Standing Committees. The Haitian election has been marred by controversy of the fairness of the election.  Update has reported on the controversy several times, most recently here.