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Monday, December 9, 2019

Week Ending 12/09/19

Survey Shows Churches Have Reputation for Social Justice

The Barna Research Group in conjunction with World Vision has published a study based on a survey done internationally of people 18 to 35 years old.  One aspect of the study looked at social justice. The survey  had people rank the 5 most pressing world problems, and then broke down responses based on categories of Christian, other faiths, and no faith.  The study shows differences among the groups in how they respond to the problems such as hunger with Christians showing that faith motivated them to respond to these issues.  You can find the results (in chart form) and interpretations here.  Barna concluded that this group credited their faith with making them more aware and responsive to these issues.

Hong Kong Cathedral Dean is Chosen as Bishop

The current Anglican bishop of Hong Kong Island has announced his retirement and the diocese has elected a new bishop.  The Dean of St. John's Cathedral in Hong Kong, Matthias Der , has been chosen as Bishop Coadjutor.  Der has studied in Taiwan, Canada and the United States, and was ordained in the diocese of Toronto in 1990.  Hong Kong is one of four dioceses (Hong Kong Island, East Kowloon, West Kowloon, and Macau) in the Anglican Communion Province, Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui.  The turmoil resulting from demonstrations on Hong Kong, make this an exceptionally challenging time for a transition in leadership.

Fort Worth Evangelism Reaches Out to Those Wounded by Church

In an evangelism effort aimed at reaching those who have been turned off, pushed out, or wounded by the exclusionary messages found in many churches, Episcopalians in Fort Worth have taken the "Episcopal Church Welcomes You" slogan to a new level.  They have set up a web site https:godlovesall.info and are taking specific actions to get the message of inclusive love out to community through Facebook ads, banners, and hope to expand into other forms of publicity in 2020.  The Episcopal News Service article has more details. 

Updates to Previous Stories 

El Paso Ministry Helps Migrants Fleeing Violence

Forty per cent of the southern border between Mexico and the U.S. in in the Episcopal Diocese of the Rio Grande.  That diocese has long taken a lead in dealing with the needs of immigrants along the border, especially as Trump's current policies have left people seeking asylum stacked up along the border.  The latest wave of migrants are Mexicans fleeing the drug cartel violence in Mexico.  The Diocese of the Rio Grande has partnered with a priest from the Anglican Church of Mexico to support shelters in two Mexican parish churches for those seeking asylum in the U.S.  You can gain more information here.  Update has carried numerous stories on the Church's efforts to help migrants, including the sponsorship of a Border Summit Conference last month.

Truro Rector Leaves ACNA

In 2017 Update covered attempts by Shannon Johnston, then Bishop of Virginia, to work with the rector of Truro Parish, one of the largest parishes to leave the Episcopal Church.  Now that rector, Tory Baucum, has announced he not only is leaving Truro, but he is leaving ACNA, and he and his wife are joining the Roman Catholic Church.  The vestry has announced that the staff of the parish has voiced grievances with Baucum and have launched an investigation.  Parish members have been urged to contact the vestry if they have concerns.   Both Anglican.ink and The Living Church covered the announcements. The Living Church article provides good background.

Fort Worth Court Hearing 

 In last week's posting, Update noted that oral arguments had been scheduled at the Texas Supreme Court for December 5 in the property decision appeal in Fort Worth. A link to the oral arguments and copies of the notes submitted by the opposing parties is found in a short news release prepared by the Episcopalians.  The Court's decision on whether to hear the appeal or not is not expected until at least March of 2020.