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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Week Ending 10/5/20

More LGBTQ Issues Headed to Supreme Court

While the Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal filed by the Tennessee county clerk who was fired for refusing to process marriage license applications from same sex couples because she said it violated her religious principles, two judges filed dissents raising issues of religious liberty.  Another case has been filed in a Virginia circuit court claiming a new Virginia law banning employment discrimination against LGBTQ  people.  Those filing are churches saying it would force them to hire people contrary to their religious beliefs.  The case is clearly designed to find its way to the U.S. Supreme Court.  With the changing composition of that court, it is possible that this case may gain more traction.  

Continuing Stories

 Hearing Panel Finds Albany Bishop Violated Vows

Bishop William Love of Albany has informed his diocese that the Title IV hearing panel has issued findings that ruled against him on all matters.  The Bishop was brought before the panel in June 2020 because of complaints that he had refused to implement General Convention Resolution B 012 which mandated that every diocese find a means of providing same sex couples with access to the approved trial use liturgies for marriage.  Next month the panel will hear arguments on what disciplinary action should be taken.  Bishop Love has said he won't appeal because any appeal is unlikely to change the findings.  The full 42 page set of hidings are here

Hurricane Relief Provided by Parish

Update has posted numerous stories over the years about aid The Episcopal Church, its dioceses and parishes have given to areas stricken by disasters.  The local news featured a story on St. John’s Episcopal Church in Pascagoula, Alabama which has a trailer truck that they take to disaster sites to help with clean-up, first aid, and basic necessities.  The parish truck has just returned from several weeks in the Lake Charles, Louisiana region helping with relief after the recent hurricane.  An example of previous Update stories is here

More on Churches Resuming Services

Messages continue to be contradictory on whether parishes should re-open for face-to-face services in light of the on-going pandemic.  The diocese of Hong Kong has announced that parishes may reopen for worship following careful precautions.  Meanwhile, the latest research on the virus suggests that indoor gatherings are inherently risky.  Update has been covering the various openings and restrictions for churches, especially those within the Anglican Communion and The Episcopal Church.