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Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Week Ending 4/5/21

 While the news doesn't take a break after Easter, the Update editor did, so this week's post is a day late.

International Religious Leaders Condemn Conversion Therapy

The 400 international religious leaders from 35 countries who signed a statement prepared by the Global Interfaith Commission on LGBT+ Lives included a number of Anglican primates, including those from Wales, Scotland, Canada, and New Zealand.  Numerous other bishops have signed including some from the United States.   The documents origins are clearly British Commonwealth although the commission that drafted the statement included a prominent Episcopalian.  There may be fewer Episcopal signers simply because General Convention has already put the Episcopal Church on record as opposing conversion therapy. The statement affirms the value of all persons regardless of their sexual or gender orientation or identity, and specifically condemns the practice of conversion therapy which attempts to change the orientation/ identity so that it is heterosexual.   You can read the statement, the list of public signers, and, if you wish, add your name as a signer here.

Updates on Continuing Stories

Former Albany Bishop Joins ACNA 

Former Bishop William Love, who chose to resign from his duties as Bishop of Albany after a church disciplinary panel ruled he had violated his ordination vows, took a further step by resigning his orders in the Episcopal Church.  The former bishop's statement is here.  Presiding Bishop Curry issued this announcement of Love's resignation. Love has now been received as a bishop in ACNA.   He has been assigned as an assisting bishop in the ACNA Diocese of the Living Word.  Update had earlier reported that several of the Albany clergy were leaving the Episcopal Church to join the ACNA Diocese of the Living Word.  The Standing Committee in Albany issue this response of hope and confidence in diocese.

Bishops of African Descent Issue Strong Statement on Anti-Racism

Recent racist incidents, especially the murder of Asian massage workers in Georgia and other anti-Asian attacks have led  22 members of the House of Bishops caucus "Bishops of African Descent" to issue a strong statement against racism, especially as it has been practiced in the United States against those of Asian and Pacific Island descent.  The caucus over the years has broadened its membership to include  those of Asian and Native American descent.  The letter calls on people to witness against racist acts and language directed at those of Asian and Pacific Island descent, links that racism  to other forms long practiced in the United States, and class on the whole church to find common ground in witnessing against such trauma.  Under the leadership of Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, the Episcopal Church has broadened its witness against all forms of racism.  Update has covered many of the Church's steps on this path.  The most recent post is here.  

Easter Worship During the Pandemic 

Update has been regularly posting on the variety of worship responses during the pandemic.  The Episcopal News Service has a recent article on the variety of approaches being taken by Episcopal parishes for the celebration of Holy Week and Easter.  The responses ranged from on-line only to hybrid approaches, to in-person worship.  

More Feeding the Hungry

We can now add the Southern Deanery of the Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina to the list of Episcopal entities trying to feed the hungry at a time when the pandemic has increased the number of families struggling to put food on the table.  The diocesan news blog has this story on parishes that banded together to provide a food distribution for twenty families.  Update has noted efforts whenever they come to our attention.