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Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Week Ending 12/26/22

Both posts are updates on previous posts

Florida Delays Its Convention

With a second challenge going to the Committee on Review, the election of a Bishop Coadjutor is still unsettled.  The Diocesan Convention was scheduled for late January, but given the timing of the review, the fact that in the last twelve months there have already been three conventions, and the fact that the diocese has a budget tentatively approved for 2023, Bishop Howard has decided to delay the convention until later in the year, with no date set at this time.  The announcement came out one day after the person elected twice and challenged twice issued a statement that he would allow clergy to follow their consciences in presiding at same-sex weddings, and would follow Episcopal Church canons by treating LGBTQ persons seeking ordination like all others.

Nigeria Issues a Statement in New Jersey Church Fight

Two weeks ago, Update posted a notice about a New Jersey parish caught between competing claims by ACNA and the Church of Nigeria in America.  A service being held with the ACNA bishop in attendance was disrupted by a group led by a Nigerian suffragan bishop claiming the building ad parish was part of the Nigerian missions in the U.S.  The disruption resulted in a physical blows.  The initial posts were from sources aligned with ACNA, and suggested the Nigerian primate must have authorized the disruption  since he had not disavowed the attack or disciplined the people involved.  The Nigerian primate has now issued a statement saying the attack was not authorized but confirming that the parish was subject to claims by both groups.  The Nigerians are trying to resolve the matter through negotiations.