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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Diocese of Fort Worth Featured in Series of Articles

The Episcopal News Service has begun a series of four articles on the rebuilding Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth.  The first article covers ways that having to start over has led to innovation.

Province of South India Faces Charges of Corruption

The Anglican Province of South India (which is part of a consolidated church with Methodists and Presbyterians) is in court because a special state commission investigating fraud has made an initial finding that major corruption has taken place.  The investigator ordered the removal of all financial trustees. The same province has been in court defending the extension of the terms of current church official by one year. The question was whether that applied to the people currently in office or if the longer terms started with those to be elected in the upcoming synod.  These legal difficulties led the Presiding Bishop of the province to resign from Anglican Communion committees and commissions to focus on matters at home.

California Bishops Write to Trump

In December, Pittsburgh Update reported on a letter sent by Massachusetts Bishops to President Elect Trump.  Now the bishops of the six dioceses in California have sent a similar letter asking Trump to reconsider his choice for head of the Environmental Protection Agency, and calling on him to be a president for all people, especially immigrants, women, people of color, and the poor.

Egyptian Archbishop Calls Story "Inaccurate" 

Pittsburgh Update carried a summary of a story by George Conger in AnglicanInk that suggested Archbishop Annis of Egypt was upset with the Archbishop of Canterbury for appointing the dean of the Alexandria Cathedral to a task force and for being unsupportive in a legal battle that could subordinate the Anglican Province to the Presbyterian Church.  Now an Anglican Communion News Center release suggests that if Archbishop Annis is peeved at anyone, it is George Conger because he got a number of things wrong.  Conger is an Episcopal priest in Central Florida who has been sympathetic to the Global South and is the founder and chief editor of AnglicanInk.