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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Week Ending 1/15/18

A Primer on the Undocumented

Trinity Church, Wall Street, announces that it has prepared a resource about undocumented immigrants available on-line.  It was developed following the October teach-in event it sponsored, Undocumented: What Do Faith Communities Need to Know?  The six major presentations from the teach-in are all available as video streams from the web page.

No Breakthroughs in SC Mediation Talks

The Episcopal Church in South Carolina posted a brief update on its web site concerning the court-ordered mediation scheduled for January 11-12, 2018.  Apparently they made no progress except to agree to continue to meet.  Blogger Steve Skaradon has an interesting reaction to the announcement in his January 17 post.

A New Book of Common Prayer for ACNA in 2019

At the ACNA House of Bishops meeting in Florida, the bishops approved specific texts for Holy Communion, the Daily Office, the lectionary, collects, and supplementary Canticles to be included in the 2019 edition of their Book of Common Prayer.  The publication date has been moved up a year from the group's original announcement in 2008 when the ACNA bishops approved trial texts that were available on-line.