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Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Week Ending 11/09/20

Exit Polls Show Little Change in Religion as a Factor in Voting

Religion News had a story on exit polling done on voters in the recent election.  The polls showed that of those voting on election day, Roman Catholics had split right down the middle with half voting for Trump and half for Biden.  White evangelical support remained in the 75-80% range for white evangelicals.  Those declaring no religion voted about 65% of the time for Biden.  The article gave no results from the poll on mainline Christians.  The editor of Update would note, however, that exit polling this year had a  biased sample. Those voting in person were much more likely to vote for Republicans and somewhere over 70% of those voting early (and thus excluded from the exit polls) voted for Democrats. 

Continuing Stories

Border Summit Moves On-line

Updated has noted each year the  annual Border Summits called by the dioceses in the South West who are responding to immigration issues along the Mexican-U.S. Border.  The third annual summit is scheduled for this month with a theme of Christian peacemaking.  It will be held virtually November 20-21, and registration is still open.  There are panels on a variety of topics including legal impacts of recent border policies, changing needs along the border and more.  Ironically responding to the pandemic by meeting virtually may actually increase attendance because cost is no longer a factor for those interested.  A longer article with links to registration is available at the Episcopal News Service website.