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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Week Ending 3/21/16

Bishops Letter on Rhetorical Violence Draws Comment

The House of Bishops has issued a letter "A Word to the Church" condemning the hate speech and rhetorical violence that has distorted public discourse, especially the recent political campaigns.  The letter, while succinct, is thoroughly grounded in scripture and theology.  It is available here.  Since it was issued, the Living Church has noted that the United Church of Christ has commended the statement. Mark Harris, however, while all in favor of civil discourse, was disappointed in the statement's use of the crucifixion and resurrection.

Attendance at Upcoming ACC Meeting Remains an Issue

Nigeria has joined Kenya and Uganda in announcing that they will not be attending the upcoming meeting of the Anglican Consultative Council in Lusaka because the Episcopal Church is planning on participating fully. (See previous Update stories here and here,) The statement calls the meeting a "trap" to suck provinces in to positions accepting homosexuality.  Meanwhile, David Virtue has announced he has been given a copy of a private letter sent to all the Anglican Communion primates by Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, urging all provinces to come and fully participate.

Pakistan Metro Line Construction Threatens Anglican Cathedral

Construction of a new metro train line in Lahore  puts 25 cultural heritage sites, including the Anglican Cathedral, at risk to be razed.  Several church sites in addition to the cathedral are among the 25, raising questions of religious persecution of Christians.  All of the sites are protected by law, and one, Shalimar Gardens is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.