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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Week Ending 01/29/18

Debate expands on Church of England and Methodist Plan

The proposal to be discussed by the Church of England synod on sharing ministry with the Methodists which update reported on last week is continuing to prompt comments. Anglo-Catholics are concerned because Methodists in England (unlike the U.S.) do not have bishops.  For Anglo-Catholics, the role of the bishop and the unique witness of an historic episcopacy are at stake.  The Thinking Anglicans web site has a good sampling of the statements, comments and practical concerns here.   The Christiantoday website has a good background piece here, and the Church Times covers the debate.

Surveys Mark Change in Religion

Two surveys, one by the Pew Foundation and the other by Forward  Movement offer interesting perspectives on the state of religion in America.  The Pew Foundation study surveyed 2000 young people from ages 15 to 24. Those doing the study are arguing that there is a "massive religious realignment" among young adults.  Millennials and Generation Z  simply are not concerned about many of the issues that currently divide churches,  and see the great divide as politics rather than race, class or religion.   The younger generation has a different take on issues of sexual morality than evangelical churches and while concerned about abortion, sees its legalization as a given.  There is a gender divide with young women much more positive about racial diversity and less positive about Trump than their male cohort.  You can read more here.  Meanwhile Forward Movement has studied 200 churches and surveyed 12,000 Episcopalians who are participating in the RenewalWorks ministry.  Their research classified participants into 4 categories based on their spiritual approach, and determined that there was a great hunger among participants for spiritual growth.  The research helped determine the 4 categories and what might catalyze people to move from one stage to another.  The full report is here.

Brazil Elects First Woman Bishop

The Anglican Episcopal Church of Brazil has been ordaining women for nearly 33 years. It opened its ministry to all three orders of clergy in 1983, and ordained the first women as deacons and priests in 1985.  Now it has finally elected a woman to the third order, the episcopate.  The Revd Canon Marinez Santos Bassotto has been elected the new bishop of the Diocese of the Amazon.  Bassotto is well-known throughout the church, having served as Dean at the National Cathedral in Porto Alegre,  through membership on two national church committees, and as chair of the church's annual leadership conference. 

Congressional Invitees to State of Union Address Highlight Puerto Rico

Several members of Congress have used their right to invite someone to the State of the Union Address by inviting someone affected by the recent hurricane in Puerto Rico.  The Episcopal News Service highlights the experience of an Episcopalian family who left the island after the hurricane to ensure schooling for their children and to look for work.  You can find the whole piece here.