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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Week Ending 3/19/18

Episcopalians Speak Out on Gun Violence

Episcopalians have been making a strong stance against gun violence.  The latest was a call by the Bishops Against Gun Violence for a day of lamentation to coincide with the national March 17 school walkout against gun violence planned  by the students from the Florida High School most recently hit by a mass shooting.  There have been numerous other events and protests.  Update has covered many of them.  See these five posts (here, here, here, here, and here) for a sampling.

Possible Split in ACNA

William Ilgenfritz, rector of  St. Mary's Charleroi in the ACNA Diocese of Pittsburgh and Bishop of the Forward in Faith dioceses in ACNA has begun exploring with other traditional groups the possibility of creating a new denomination that will be clear in its position that only men can be priests. Both the conservative news source Anglican.ink and David Virtue's web site interpreted this as first steps in a possible schism within ACNA.  Several traditional groups that had originally considered joining ACNA did not and instead formed FACA.  Like Bishop Iker of the ACNA diocese in Fort Worth, Ilgenfritz is unhappy with the ACNA local option compromise that allows some dioceses to ordain women.  Both also were upset by the discovery that the Anglican Province of South Sudan had consecrated a woman as bishop, contrary to a voluntary moratorium agreed to by GAFCON province heads.

Richmond Church Leads in Racial Reconciliation

St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Richmond, once known as the Cathedral of the Confederacy, went through a several year discernment about what to do with Confederate symbols in their stained glass and on plaques in the church.  Eventually plaques were removed or replaced and new contextual interpretations created for the those that remained. The rector who began the conversation has since left.  Now another of the priests at the parish has been named by Presiding Bishop Michael Curry as Director of Reconciliation, Justice & Creation Care. The parish just finished hosting a national event on racial reconciliation.  RVAMag.com just published a story featuring the conference and the REv. Melanie Mullen.  Episcopal Cafe also picked it up.

Latest Comments on South Carolina Property Cases

The Living Church has published an article interpreting the request by the Episcopal Church in South Carolina to broaden the scope of the federal law suit and include additional parishes as increasing the conflict.  The Update covered the initial announcement of the request here.  Blogger Steve Skaradon has added to that perception by posting on March 15 a set of answers to FAQs he says have been sent him by members of congregations participating in the schismatic group.  His answers are based on the position that the parishes have not left and are now back in TEC, and that the only legitimate leadership are clergy in good standing with TEC or willing to abide by TEC canons.