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Monday, December 31, 2018

Week Ending 12/31/18

Diocese of Florida Enrages Preservationists With Church Demolition 

The Diocese of Florida closed St. Michael's in Gainesville two years ago, and has been negotiating the sale of the property for redevelopment. Their efforts, however ran afoul of neighbors who opposed a change in zoning out of fear for increased traffic, and historic preservationists who considered the building a mid-century modern architectural gem.  It is the only building in the city designed by Nils Schweitzer, a student of Frank Lloyd Wright.  A hearing  at the city's historic preservation board was scheduled for  January 2, 2019, but what they will talk about is unclear because the diocese slipped a demolition permit through the city and tore the building down on December 27.  The Lead on The Episcopal Cafe has some additional backgroundYou can see multiple pictures of the building here

Mob Threatens Christmas Carolers in India

When a large group of families went out caroling on December 23 in Pathamuttam, Kerala, India they found themselves harassed and then attacked by a group they describe as members of the Democratic Youth Federation of India.  The DYFI is a leftist youth organization.  After their instruments were destroyed , the carolers hurried back to the Anglican Church where they sought refuge and were about to have some supper.  The mob then followed them into the church and continued the attack.  Five families ended up staying for 6 days, afraid to go home.  Officials are supposedly investigating.  As a province, Kerala has a Hindu majority, but is also home to long established Christian and Muslim communities dating more than 1000 years.  Kerala is the province with the largest Christian population in India.  

Marriage of Canadian Bishop a Landmark Event 

Kevin Robertson, Bishop of York-Scarborough, the Canadian Diocese of  Toronto married his partner Mr. Mohan Sharma at St. James Cathedral.  Among the family and friends present were Archbishop Colin Johnson and Bishop Andrew Asbil, coadjutor of Toronto, and Bishop Susan Bell of the Diocese of Niagara.  Robertson is an area bishop and has primary care for churches in the York-Scarborough area of the diocese.  The couple has been together since 2009, had their relationship blessed in 2016 and now were married under the newly passed rules of the Anglican Church in Canada.  Given the that this was a same-sex marriage of an Anglican bishop, the presence of the other bishops, and the location of the ceremony, it will be hard for the anti-LGBTQ faction in the Anglican Communion to ignore this in the lead-up to Lambeth 2020.

Owen Labrie Finally Begins Jail Sentence 

Owen Labrie, the senior at St. Paul's School who was convicted of raping a 15 year old student at the school in2015 has finally exhausted appeals and delays and surrendered to officials to begin his jail sentence.  His trial was the start of a long series of revelations about sexual misconduct at the Episcopal School in New Hampshire. Update covered them all.