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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Week Ending 4/12/21

Priest Has Second Job as Mars Mission Scientist

Pamela Conrad mixes science and religion on a daily basis.  She is part of the NASA team that has been working on the Mars land rover projects.  She is also the rector of St. Alban's Episcopal Church in Glen Burnie, MD. She has been at NASA since 1999 and at St. Alban's since her ordination in 2017.   For more on how she mixes science and religion, read the Episcopal News Service article.

Church Auctioning Silver to Raise Money for Scholarships

St. Paul's, the oldest church in Baltimore is selling a communion chalice and paten to raise money for a scholarship at a private day school run by the church.  The school originally educated orphans, but not with a yearly tuition of more than $35,000 has not been accessible to many well qualified minority students.  The communion set dates from the late 19th century and is encrusted with precious stones. The parish is not using the set for regular worship and it has been locked up in a safe.  The vestry has agree to also put in money towards the endowment of the scholarship.  The goal is to raise enough to be able to fund a 4 year scholarship for one minority student. 

West Indies Archbishop Says Church Complicit in Violence Against Women

Archbishop of the West Indies, Howard Gregory used his Easter sermon at a church in Kingston, Jamaica to challenge his province to think about the ways the church has fostered ideas and attitudes that support violence against women.  The archbishop specifically noted that many still harbor ideas that women should be silent in church, or subordinate to men.

Update on Continuing Story

ACNA Welcomes Another Albany Bishop

A month ago Update carried notice that a former bishop of the Albany diocese, Daniel Herzog, was leaving the Episcopal Church for the second time.  Shortly after that, the recently resigned Bishop of Albany, William Love renounced his Episcopal orders and was received as a bishop by ACNA.  This week it was announced that Herzog would be joining Love in  ACNA.There is not yet word of where Herzog will serve, but hopefully it will not be in Albany.