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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Week Ending 3/28/16

Latest Research Shows Christians Still Believe Faith Is a Force for Good

Despite all the bad press for organized religion  and emphasis in the news on religious extremists, a recent Barna poll shows that a majority of Christians still believe that their faith is a positive force in the world.  The details are here.

 Taliban Faction Attacks Christians in Pakistan

In the latest terrorist bombing attack, at least 70 have died in Pakistan.  The Taliban faction claiming responsibility deliberately targeted a park on Easter Sunday where they knew Christian families would be gathered to celebrate the day. Stories on CNN and in the Chicago Tribune are typical.

South Carolina Episcopalians Take Next Step in Federal Lawsuit

While both the breakaway faction led by Mark Lawrence and the Episcopal Church in South Carolina continue to wait for a decision from the state supreme court on property issues, the Episcopal Church in South Carolina has moved to try to prod the federal judge who has been refusing to act on a separate legal action.  The federal case was filed by Bishop vonRosenberg under the Federal Lanham Act governing trademarks and false advertising.  The retired judge assigned the case originally refused to act saying the case in state court would settle the issues.  He was overruled by the U.S. Court of Appeals and told to hear the case claiming that Mark Lawrence's group is claiming that they are the Episcopal Church and that he is an Episcopal bishop. (See Update Story here)  The judge again put the trial on hold waiting the outcome of the state case.  Now South Carolina has filed documents arguing that the judge is in error and the cases involve separate issues.

New Zealand Church Billboard About Trump Is Stolen

St. Luke's Church in Remeura,  Aukland, New Zealand had a billboard on its property stolen.  It showed Donald Trump with a mallet in his hand standing next to Jesus on the cross with the message "I don't like losers."  someone stole it during Holy week.  It is not clear if it was stolen as a prank, or because someone was offended by it.  The church intends to replace the poster after Easter.  It was intended to show the difference between church values and those of Trump, but others may have read it differently.

St. James, Newport Beach, Congregation Moves Again

The Daily Pilot published by the Los Angeles Times reports that the Congregation of St. James the Great which has been in conflict with Bishop Jon Bruno over his attempt to sell their building has found a new home at the Newport Beach Civic Center.  They had been meeting at a local art center.  Pittsburgh Update has had numerous stories on this congregation's saga.

Lexington Bishop Steps Aside for A Year after Infidelity Revealed

The Presiding Bishop, Michael Curry announced that Bishop Hahn of the Diocese of Lexington would be taking a year's leave of absence after a past affair with a parishioner became known.  The affair took place before his election.  Later stories revealed that he withheld information from the bishop's search committee.  The Lexington Diocese is moving ahead with plans for an interim bishop.